Audemars Piguet Equation Du Temps Royal Oak Replica Watch

The solar day, meaning the lapse of time between two Audemars Piguet Equation Du Temps Royal Oak Replica Watch passages of the sun through the meridian in a given place varies throughout the year.The equation of time is the difference between true solar time and legal time. This variation is due to the earth’s elliptical path around the sun as well as its tilted rotation axis. It lasts exactly 24 hours only four times a year: on April 15th, June 13th, September 1st and December 25th. For convenience, our societies have calculated an average of all the days of the year and defined the mean solar day as comprising 24 hours, corresponding to so-called legal time.

Audemars Piguet Equation Du Temps Royal Oak

The Equation of Time thereby represents the perfect blend of traditional and modern watchmaking elements.The Equation of Time is a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica Watch  that does not immediately reveal all its secrets, instead preferring to cultivate its aura of mystery and fascinating complexity. Since its creation in 1972, the legendary octagon has embodied the most daring innovations in the field of fine watchmaking. The 423 parts serving to drive the equation of time, sunrise and sunset, perpetual calendar and astronomical moon-phase displays are now housed within the famous case. Nonetheless, its beauty is self-evident. For the very first time, it is interpreted not within a classical line, but in the collection.

Its elegant case, available in a choice of pink gold or steel, is distinguished by an octagonal bezel punctuated by polished white gold hexagonal screws. The Audemars Piguet Replica Watch pointer and the counter hands are in blued steel. The Equation of Time is teamed with a leather strap in brown alligator leather for the pink gold version and in black for the steel model. The signature features include the distinctively shaped studs along with the alternating satin-brushed and polished finishes on the case. The silvered dial remains faithful to the identity codes of the Royal Oak collection by picking up the “Grande Tapisserie” motif which highlights the counters and enables pleasant and easy read-off of the various indications: date, day, leap year, moon phase, as well as sunrise and sunset times. The crown also picks up this hexagonal motif and proudly bears the monogram. By way of example, the side of the bezel is polished while the upper surface is satin- brushed and matt.

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