Top quality bremont wright flyer limited edition watch replica

The bremont wright flyer limited edition watch replica features the new Bremont in-house movement – The BWC/01 – a first for the brand and seven years in the making. The 25 jewel, 33.5mm movement features an impressive 50 hour power reserve, Glucydur balance and a hairspring that is adjusted via a micro-metric screw. This stunning, hand finished movement has been completely developed and crafted at the company’s workshops in Henley on Thames and features a central hour and minute hand with a running second hand at 9o’clock.

bremont wright flyer replica

Presented in three different case options; white gold, rose gold and steel; the Wright Flyer features a clean, uncluttered dial that respectfully nods to the aviation dials and styling of the early turn of the century aircrafts.

This invention was the start of a process that would change the way the modern world lived and why this is the perfect collaboration for the British watch making duo who are now world renowned for their aviation links and stunning limited edition pieces.Much like the English Brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright had a penchant for making things work; from bicycles, to gliders and then in 1903 to their revolutionary design for the first ever powered aircraft.

Held in the aviation hall at the Science Museum, London, Nick and Giles English, co-founders of bremont wright flyer replica spoke at length about the inspiration behind their latest limited edition watch, a piece that not only encompasses the very beginnings of the modern aviation world but marks the first in-house movement produced by Bremont.

Special guest at the event was Amanda Wright Lane, a family member, who commented on the partnership:

“Bremont’s dedication to historical themes, particularly in aviation, demonstrated by their iconic limited edition watches, all incorporating genuine historical artefacts, caught our attention immediately.

Considered ‘almost priceless’ by a number of different auction houses the material marks a very special occasion both in bremont replica replica making and aviation history as it will most likely be the only time this material is used in the production of a commemorative piece.Not only is the watch visually stunning and hand crafted in England it also contains some of the original fabric used on the 1903 Wright Flyer aircraft.

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